The MyEric-Music-Vision ~ Announcement for Federated-Partners

Hörprobe aus “Sinfonie des Herzkristalls” von MyEric (weitere Hörproben hier …).

NEU Oktober 2018: Im Jubiläumsjahr der MyEric-Music-Vision haben wir, das Team von Cristallina-Vision, unsere Mission dahingehend verändert und erneuert, dass wir unserem Wirken eine ganz neue Form und neue Inhalte geben werden. Wir bedanken uns für Ihre langjährige Treue und begrüßen Sie von nun an gerne bei …

Auch hier haben Sie wieder die Möglichkeit, Verbund-Partner und Händler für die MyEric-Music-Vision-Produkte zu werden. Mehr erfahren Sie hier …

Zum neuen MyEric-Music-Vision-Händler-Login …

Herzlichen Dank – Ihr Team von Cristallina-Vision

Die Cristallina-Archive ~ b.a.w. für Sie

We thank all people, who learned to love and appreciated the Healing-Energy-Symphonies by MyEric. Since its first publication on CD media in 2010, this music is played in many countries all over the world.

The Healing-Energy-Symphony-Music by MyEric is unique in its composition, in its shape and design as well as in its sounds and vibrational frequencies.

Vertical Music

According to our knowledge, this music is the first music worldwide which is vertically oriented.

It is also unique in hearing and perceiving for our soul and our soul consciousness. Thereby it can unfold its effect on all energetic levels even by playing the media (CDs) toneless. Unlimited are its experienced applications and effect areas for humans, animals, the nature, mother earth and all planets in the universe.

Vertical music is the present and the future as well as the connection to the divine birthright here on earth.

We Are Looking for You

We are looking for you as people who can and want to fall in love with this music, because primarily our concern is not just consumption and marketing.

We are looking for you as federated partners, business owners, consultants, therapists, energizers, hotel owners and as people who support customers, guests and clients. Furthermore, we are looking for people who want to convey this unique music-vision regularly and worldwide also to other people for their benefit, their healing, their development, their pathfinding, why they are here on earth, their soul wellness as well as for all the animals and the nature.

We offer you flexible solutions and individual handlings for example for

  • public stores and bookshops
  • service areas of all kinds
  • naturopaths, masseurs and therapists
  • the health consultation
  • children, elderly and intensive care
  • hospice
  • areas of energy work like Reiki, Yoga, Tai Chi etc.
  • the wellness and recreation area
  • the catering area
  • the training and coaching area
  • therapy centers and seminar centers
  • meditation groups
  • relaxation courses
  • self-help groups
  • kindergartens, day care centers and children´s homes
  • special schools, schools and teaching and learning facilities
  • animal shelters, pet stores, stables, zoos, farms and nature
  • etc..

.Multilingual Information in the Cristallina-Shops

Please visit our shops for more information. There you can choose two languages. On our website and on our information portals you will find a translation function for your language.

Contact us – we are very pleased:

We look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you very much

Your Team from Cristallina-Vision


D. Hartl – Cristallina-Vision – July 2016

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The application of this music doesn´t replace the medical diagnosis and treatment.

All applications of the Healing-Energy-Symphonie-Music, the energetic sound healing and other methods are intended only to own responsibility support and companionship to the listed life themes.(K2018)